Muddy Boots: Outdoor Activities for Children


No child can walk through a puddle of mud without a gigantic smile, and while the stuff might be the springtime bane of grownups, children just love mud. Muddy Boots is for kids and families who value outdoor exploration and grandparents who long for their grandchildren to enjoy the same unfettered time in nature that they did. Although not primarily about mud, these activities encourage all hands to get dirty as children explore the world around them. This delightful book features a wide range of hands-on activities for kids and many small things for kids to make, including: mud pies, mud monsters, mud paintings, stick forts, teepees, and sunflower houses, twig rafts, acorn cap boats, and fairy boats, flower presses, dandelion chains, ice orbs, sun clocks, rain paintings, and story stones.

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